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Fiber Optic Cable


Our focus is on highly reliable high-bandwidth connections and wherever such a service is required, we can create a customised solution. But there are certain types of services that naturally and typically require connections of that type and in a non-exclusive way, we are describing some of them here.

Site Interconnects

To interconnect two or more office sites of your own company or to connect you to another company, we can provide a direct connection (i.e. not via the Internet) either via fiber optic cable or microwave links in a point-to-point or in a resilient configuration. This solution would also be suitable to interconnect data centres.
The available bandwidth depends on the technology that will be used and ranges from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.

Internet & Cloud Connectivity

We can connect your office site to the Internet either by providing a link from your preferred Internet Service Provider or via one of the Tier-1 ISPs that we trust.
We can also connect your office site to any of the major Cloud Service Providers (i.e. AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure, Oracle, etc). This can be done with via a dedicated connection or via your Internet connection. 

Disaster Recovery

For Disaster Recovery purposes you are backing up your servers and databases to off-site backup services. A highly-reliable high-bandwidth connection is needed and we have a solution for you!
Connectivity to Workplace Recovery sites can also be provided so that all stand-by servers at these secondary locations will be kept up-to-date at all times.


Resiliency / Backup

If you rely on your telecoms connections to the outside world, you can’t just have one link, but you need to prepare for possible outages on the primary link. We can provide you with path- and equipment-diverse backup connectivity to protect a primary link from another service provider or to protect the primary link that we are providing to you. Make sure that business-critical connections are always protected.